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Re: Email alert formating

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Email alert formating
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 09:59:56 +0100
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Rishikesh Dongre wrote:
A question -
Is it possible to have two different email format, one for "Resource limit matched" and 
another for "Resource limit passed"?


I have defined following in my /etc/monit.conf file - ----Start here----
check device tmp-85 path /tmp
   start program = "/usr/local/monit-4.6/bin/monit -c /etc/monit.conf monitor 
   stop program = "/usr/local/monit-4.6/bin/monit -c /etc/monit.conf unmonitor 
   if space usage > 85% then stop else if passed then start
   if inode usage > 85% then stop else if passed then start
   alert address@hidden on { resource, match } with mail-format { subject: ** 
ATTENTION ***** Monit Alerts -- $EVENT /tmp filesystem > 85% on $HOST*****
   message: /tmp filesystem is 85% full. Please FREE Up Space IMMEDIATELY.

      Date   : $DATE
      Action : Alert
      Host   : $HOST

Your faithful employee,
Monit } with reminder on 1 cycles

But when I checked the status, Alert reminder sets to 589328 cycles even it is 
defined to 1 cycle.

You are right - it seems that there is some bug ... i will look on it.

And on passing resource limit, I received "Resource limit passed" email also which i dont want or want to set some other message. Becasue when it passed, I am getting the same message like /tmp filesystem is 85% full.

I think this could be solved internaly by adding the description to the passed event emited by the testing machine (similary to the failed state description). The $DESCRIPTION macro will then provide better message on 'passed' state.


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