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RE: Monit Checksum - False Alarms

From: Alexander Stolle
Subject: RE: Monit Checksum - False Alarms
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 17:21:31 +0100

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your help! Looks like it works now :D

Best, Alex

> Behalf Of Jan-Henrik Haukeland
> On 25. nov. 2005, at 20.00, Alexander Stolle wrote:
> > Do you have an idea, why monit bahaves like this? Can it be, that 
> > monit wants to read the file while the file is beeing 
> written by cron 
> > script?
> Statistical this will be a problem once in a while. The 
> chance for it to happen in one hour is about 1/3 I think.
> > What can we do against the false alarms?
> Hmm, make sure that the script writes the /var/log/omsa/vdisk 
> file atomic. That is, write to a temp file first and then use 
> mv /tmp/ vdisk.tmp /var/log/omsa/vdisk. That way the 
> simultaneously read/write problem should go away.
> --
> Jan-Henrik Haukeland

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