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RE: Bugs on status notifications

From: Don Parker
Subject: RE: Bugs on status notifications
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:24:14 -0500

> ------------------------------
> Message: 4
> Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 17:32:43 -0500
> From: "Don Parker" <address@hidden>
> Subject: Bug on status notifications
> To: <address@hidden>
> Message-ID:
>       <address@hidden>
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> Using 4.6:
> P1:
> I have 4 processes I am monitoring, and each has a rule similar to:
>       If failed port 1234 with timeout 15 seconds for 3 times 
> within 5 cycles then restart
> The rules are identical for the 4 processes except for the ports used.
> When I look at them through the web server I see that 2 of 
> them have augmented the rule I placed in the rc file with " 
> else if passed 1 times within 1 cycle(s) then alert " which 
> is creating a lot of records in my log I do not want to see. 
> I have no idea where this came from - it is not in my rc file.
> P2:
> I have set up logging to a file rather than to use syslog, 
> and I launch Monit through "integration with init".  I see 
> all entries being sent to the log also being echoed on tty1.  
> Not a big deal, but not expected either. 

This is worse that I thought. I tried to turn off the alerts by adding
my own "else if passed then exec <something>" clause. While my exec does
get executed I still see the alerts on passed tests.

Q: Is there any relationships between timeouts and poll intervals? For
example, if my monitrc file has "set daemon 15" and I have a port check
rule with a timeout of 30 seconds, does my port check rule really wait
30 seconds or does monit see it failing every 15 seconds?

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