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Notifications on System Startup

From: Don Parker
Subject: Notifications on System Startup
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 09:11:38 -0500

I have done the integration with init so Monit is responsible for
starting up a number of services. Upon reboot of my server host the
first thing I get is a flood of emails about all the services that are
down, followed by notifications as it successfully brings them "back"
up. I find the "up" messages useful in this context, but the "down"
messages are noise. Suggestions:
-Monit should not send a message about a failure after a reboot until it
has tried to start a service at least once

I also find some services take a finite amount of time before checks on
their ports will pass.  I thought I could cover this by putting "sleeps"
in the start scripts Monit runs for these services, but this does not
seem to work ... Monit is checking, failing, and restarting so fast that
all alerts have the same time stamp.  Any suggestions (aside from
turning off port monitoring)?

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