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Re: Question regarding cycles

From: Andreas Oesterer
Subject: Re: Question regarding cycles
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 15:23:14 -0700

Thanks that seems to work, one of these rare cases where the documentation is ahead of the code ;)
I have one comment, but it might just work as designed:
After the first failure, the status of the service is still listed as "online with all services". After the second failure the alert is sent and the service goes into failed status. After the first failure the service could be regared as having already failed or being in a jeopardy state. 

On 9/20/05, Jan-Henrik Haukeland <address@hidden> wrote:
This functionality is new and only available in the 4.6 beta, just
released. Download from
and tell us how it works out :)

On 20. sep. 2005, at 18.52, Andreas Oesterer wrote:

> I'm dealing with busy HTTP servers that might not always reply. I
> want to only receive an email if the test failed multiple times in
> a row. According to the ducumentation this syntax "should" work:
> check host xxx with address
>   if failed port 80 for 3 times within 3 cycles then alert
> However I only get the following error:
> /etc/monitrc:21: Error: syntax error '3'
> What I'm I doing wrong?
> Thanks, Andreas
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