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OS X Server 10.3 peculiarities

From: Jules
Subject: OS X Server 10.3 peculiarities
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 20:10:27 -0400

monit 4.5.1 seems to be showing some odd information on an OS X server:

CPU is nice and low and there's plenty of memory to be had. This is from monit's web screen:

- - -     [0.00] [0.00] [0.00]    0.8%us, 1.2%sy  40.0% [840420 kB]

- - -

But here's where the real weirdness is:

- - -

postfix running 41d 4h 46m      149.8%  0.0% [0 kB]
apache  running 1d 14h 56m      0.0%    0.0% [0 kB]
zeo     running 24d 16h 22m     0.0%    0.0% [0 kB]
zope    running 24d 16h 22m     0.0%    0.0% [0 kB]

- - -

Drilling down into each process shows that it's using 0k of memory which, of course, isn't quite right. And postfix is current using 0% of CPU, not 149.8%. I've seen it as low as 99.9% though (hee hee)

Any ideas? Apart from this everything else functions -- it'll start, stop and restart processes just fine.

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