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Criteria for successful service start?

From: Paul Dorman
Subject: Criteria for successful service start?
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 14:53:57 +1200

Hi all,

could someone please tell me the criteria for a successful service start
by Monit? I have been trying to get monit to recognise that our two
apache services (httpd-dynamic and httpd-static) have started
successfully. What causes Monit to say that execution failed when it
didn't. The pid file is created okay, and the exit value from my start
script should be right, but monit gets it wrong. If I run 'monit &&
monit' the first one says the service isn't running (because I shut it
down to test monit), and the second one reports no problems.

How does monit know whether or not it has started a service

Thanks very much in advance,

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