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Re: Memory usage for process

From: Andreas Rust
Subject: Re: Memory usage for process
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:09:29 +0200


I'm running monit version 4.4 on a RedHat Linux AS 3.0 (kernel
2.4.21-15.ELsmp) on top of a HP-ProLiant DL380 and I've noticed
that at runtime many of monit services of type process are
showing "Memory" values which have non-sense, like shown below:

What version of 4.4 ?

[ snip ]

Process 'postgresql'
 status                            running
 monitoring status                 monitored
 pid                               27386
 parent pid                        1
uptime 2h 11m childrens 4
 memory kilobytes                  -1460
 memory kilobytes total            -5376
 memory percent                    72401.9%
 memory percent total              72401.9%
 cpu percent                       0.0%
 cpu percent total                 0.0%
 port response time                0.000s to localhost:5000 [DEFAULT]
 data collected                    Wed Oct  6 14:16:36 2004

I took the chance and upgraded to monit 4.4-beta5 on a SuSE 9.0 AND a RedHat 7.2 system here, since
I already reported a problem on loadavg and cpu usage a while ago.

The SuSE 9.0 report on postgres reads like:

Data collected                     Wed Oct 6 18:43:27 2004
Port Response time                 0.001s to [DEFAULT]
Process id                         25400
Parent process id                  1
Process uptime                     27m
CPU usage                          0.0%
Memory usage                       0.0% [96kB]
Children                           2
Total CPU usage (incl. children)   0.0%
Total memory usage (incl. children) 0.0% [244kB]

Which is OK for me, since the postgres on this server is not used much and "ps" reports similar values.

On the RedHat 7.2 system postgres reports:
(Have to mention that postgres on this system is pretty loaded and one of my beloved candidates for restarts and
 optimisations :) )

Process id                          8292
Parent process id                   8291
Process uptime                      61d 3h 8m
CPU usage                           0.1%
Memory usage                        0.0% [84kB]
Children                            30
Total CPU usage (incl. children)    0.1%
Total memory usage (incl. children) 5.2% [27236kB]

Which also appears fine to me after checking with "ps".

So, conclusion, 4.4-beta5 seems close to ok. Cannot verify exact memory, but atleast it displays sane values. :)


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