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Re: Multiple processes have same name

From: Christopher P. Lindsey
Subject: Re: Multiple processes have same name
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 21:21:47 -0500
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> The main reason a service name cannot start with / is because the name
> is used directly in the URL in monit's web interface. E.g. if you have
> /dev/hda7 as a service name the url would be http://dev/hda7 and not
> http://localhost:2812/dev/hda7, because we use relative URLs for
> convinience. There are ways to work around this, for instance use
> /dev/hda7 as a display name and http://localhost:2812/dev/hda7 in the
> HTML source code, as in this example 
>   <a href='http://localhost:2812/dev/hda7'>/dev/hda7</a>
> However to change the code to allow service names such as /dev/hda7 is
> not trivial because it affects other parts of the code as well. That
> doesn't mean that it's not possible though. We can put it up on our
> TODO list if others agree?

If it's a major change, I agree that it's probably not worth the time
and effort.  Thanks for the answer, though!

Chris (who doesn't use the Web interface :)

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