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[Announce] monit 4.2 released

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.2 released
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 21:16:48 +0100
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The monit team is pleased to announce the release of monit 4.2.

Download from:
Change log:
Checksum:       8932e3dca85aab69ba768995107b9dbf  monit-4.2.tar.gz

This is a feature and bugfix release. The most important changes in
this release is the abillity to include other files in the monit
control file. This feature makes it possible to organize configuration
of monit in a clear and structured way. To see a fine demonstration on
how to use this feature, visit:

In addition, this release also extend checksum tests with the SHA-1
algorithm. Status of services monitored are now available via XML,
which should make it easier to write or integrate monit in a wider
monitoring framework. See for example m/monit which utilize this
feature. m/monit is available here:


Finally, the web interface is changed to show not monitored services
as "not monitored". 

This release also include a few important bug fixes; spawning of new
processes should now be thread-safe (thanks to Peter Holdaway),
previous releases could hang on mutex dead-locks. A signal handler
race condition was fixed and the control file parser has been updated
to report line numbers correctly and has become more robust.

Please visit our web pages for more information and documentation and
to hear sound clips of the monit working dog.


Finally, a big thanks to ALL who have contributed work and time to
create this release, especially to Martin and Christian who did most
of the work.

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