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Re: error reading process status

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: error reading process status
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 08:08:23 +0100
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Georges Toth wrote:

recently i got some weird problems with apache and now with sendmail too.
when i start monit, and apache _is_ running, monit starts it again.
but, the script doesn't allow starting apache twice, so it ignores it.

monit is just fine with that and monitors apache normally.

for sendmail..... i had to upgrade sendmail. when i was finished, i enabled monitoring again. i immediately got alert-mails from monit, telling me it has timedout with sendmail.
but sendmail was running and working.

restarting monit solved the problem.

i'm using monit 4.2beta

Is this problem reproducible? Has it happened after monit upgrade (for example to mentioned 4.2-beta) or is this problem monit version independent? What's your platform (operating system)?

Please try to run monit in debug mode (with "-v" switch), then send your monitrc and logs for the problematic timeframe, we can look on it.

I'm not able to replicate this problem on my station - when i start monit and the monitored process is running already, monit will notice it and produce following message in verbose mode (doesn't try to start it again):

[CET Mar  1 21:23:30] 'slapd' is running with pid 499
[CET Mar  1 21:23:30] 'slapd' zombie check passed [status_flag=0000]
[CET Mar  1 21:23:30] 'slapd' check_process_state() passed.
[CET Mar 1 21:23:30] 'slapd' cpu usage check passed [current cpu usage=1.2%]
[CET Mar  1 21:23:30] 'slapd' succeeded connecting to INET[]
[CET Mar 1 21:23:30] 'slapd' succeeded testing protocol [LDAP3] at INET[]


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