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Re: [Announce] monit 4.1 released - redhat packages

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: [Announce] monit 4.1 released - redhat packages
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 23:55:02 +0100
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Redhat binary and source packages are ready.

Redhat 7.3:
MD5SUM: a59b6d68b86920c46012d4df73d2c172

Redhat 9:
MD5SUM: 1f259c5f12b8723ca8b4690c35efbe0e

MD5SUM: 5e874f4f8e2485419c1463092216dbda


Jan-Henrik Haukeland wrote:

The monit team is pleased to announce the release of monit 4.1.

Download from:
Change log:
Checksum:       dd43941901a066bb530adf11b4266e82  monit-4.1.tar.gz

This is a feature and bugfix release. The most important changes in
this release is the availability of a remote host ping test, a general
protocol test based on send/expect strings and alert limitation.
Please consult the Change log for more information.

To get a quick overview of some of the features in this release,
please check out the online flash presentation at:


Some Notes

If you are using a previous monit release we really recommend that you
upgrade to this release. The release contains important bug fixes for
previous releases and many new features. This release is tested on
Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD.

Packaged distributions will be available later from:

Please visit our web pages for more information and documentation and
to hear sound clips of the monit working dog.


Finally, a big thank you to ALL who have contributed work and time to
create this release. A special thanks goes to the monit team; Martin,
Christian, Rory and myself :)

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