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IMAP & POP remote problems

From: Andreas Rust
Subject: IMAP & POP remote problems
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 16:51:06 +0200


I am now running latest monit 4.1-beta3 on several hosts.

A local connection test on IMAP or POP using something similar to:

check host local-imap with address
    if failed port 143 protocol imap with timeout 15 seconds then alert

works fine, while a remote connection test using a similar statement, e.g.:

check host some-imap with address w.x.y.z
    if failed icmp type echo with timeout 15 seconds then alert
    if failed port 143 protocol imap with timeout 30 seconds then alert

fails over and over again.

The very same occurs with tests on the POP protocol and on one of two ftp servers.

I raised the connection times a whole lot and tested connectivity in general, but
cannot see a reason for them failing.
In the case of FTP and POP I also see the lines on the log which monit causes and
there is no firewalling between these machines.

Also a quick tcpdump didn't help me much either.

Anybody has some ideas why monit fails over these services, while they are perfectly
available to my normal clients ?


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