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Re: Misc monit questions

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Misc monit questions
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 08:50:58 +0200
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arthur.chereau wrote:

3) I use syslog-ng and it is configured to get monit messages. But monit logs 
appear on the console, although they are not emerg or alert logs (that is the 
only logs
syslog-ng sends to the console). Is it because monit was started by init and 
how can I
avoid this ?

This is because monit logs to the standard output whenever it has controling terminal too.

To stop these messages (which are unwelcomed in such case) i think it will be good to disable default logging to standard output in present log() interface (probably we can keep exception for the cases where monit don't have configured logging target - Run.dolog). On the places where output to the terminal is needed, it will be better to use either printf() or fprintf(stdout, ...) function directly.

not tested (keeps the above mentioned exception):

void log(const char *format, ...) {

 va_list ap;
 char msg[STRLEN];


 vsnprintf(msg, STRLEN, format, ap);

 if(!Run.dolog && Run.have_tty) {

   fprintf(stdout, "%s", msg);


 if(Run.use_syslog) {

   syslog(LOG_ERR|LOG_USER, "%s", msg);

 } else if(LOG) {

   fprintf(LOG,"[%s] %s", timestr(), msg);



Then use of log() function must be revised and printf() or fprintf(stdout, ...) should be added where needed.

What about it?


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