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[Mobiusft-list] Mobius Forensic Toolkit v1.13 released

From: Eduardo
Subject: [Mobiusft-list] Mobius Forensic Toolkit v1.13 released
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2019 14:44:11 -0300
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Mobius Forensic Toolkit v1.13 has been released.

  • Case Model: New class password
  • Case Model: New class password_hash
  • Turing: Export .hashcat hash files
  • Turing: Export .john with RID, GID and GECOS fields filled
  • Turing: Using persistence layer from Case Model
  • Libmobius: Turing API on demand connection to database
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes done (see ChangeLog file)

You can download the latest version at

Best regards,

Eduardo Aguiar

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