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[Mobiusft-list] Mobius Forensic Toolkit v1.12 released

From: Eduardo
Subject: [Mobiusft-list] Mobius Forensic Toolkit v1.12 released
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 17:07:42 -0300
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Mobius Forensic Toolkit v1.12 has been released.

A new extension called Chat Viewer has been implemented. It automatically retrieves and shows chat messages from different applications. See ChangeLog file for a complete list of changes.
  • Chat Viewer: Added support for Skype
  • Added support for Skype v8 and newer ones
  • Handles Web Data.version = 52
  • Libmobius: New function mobius::crypt::pbkdf1
  • Libmobius: New function mobius::crypt::pbkdf2_hmac
  • Python API: New module mobius.evidence.chats

You can download the latest version at

Best regards,

Eduardo Aguiar

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