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[Mobiusft-list] Mobius 0.5.23 released

From: Eduardo Aguiar
Subject: [Mobiusft-list] Mobius 0.5.23 released
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 19:59:14 -0300
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I would like to announce a new release of Mobius Forensic Toolkit. It features new classes both to the C++ API and to the Python API. The most relevant changes are:

  • C++ API: new class mobius::unittest
  • C++ API: new class mobius::bytearray
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::hash_base (abstract class)
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::hash_crc32
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::hash_zip
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_block (abstract class)
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_block_mode (abstract class)
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_block_mode_ecb
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_block_mode_cbc
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_des
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_stream (abstract class)
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_rc4
  • C++ API: new class mobius::crypt::cipher_zip
  • C++ API: new class mobius::application
  • C++ API: code compatible with C++11
  • python API: new wrapper class mobius.crypt.hash_zip
  • python API: new wrapper class mobius.crypt.cipher_rc4
  • python API: new wrapper class mobius.crypt.cipher_zip
  • python API: new wrapper class mobius.crypt.cipher_des
  • hive-report: use mobius.crypt.cipher_rc4
  • hive-report: use mobius.crypt.cipher_des
  • hive-report: new report "encrypted volumes" lists Folder Locker 6 volumes
  • hive-pstore: use mobius.crypt.cipher_des
  • hive-turing: use mobius.crypt.cipher_rc4
  • hive-turing: use mobius.crypt.cipher_des
  • turing-model: use mobius.crypt.cipher_des
You can download the latest version at

Best regards,
Eduardo Aguiar

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