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[Mobiusft-list] Mobius 0.5.22 released

From: Eduardo Aguiar
Subject: [Mobiusft-list] Mobius 0.5.22 released
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2015 16:26:16 -0300
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I would like to announce a new release of Mobius Forensic Toolkit. It features the C++ API to libtsk (sleuthkit). Other changes are:

* C++ API: new mobius::tsk classes to access libtsk
* python API: wrapper for mobius::tsk
* new installation method using configure, make and make install
* moved to mobius package
* emule-agent: new report "shared folders"
* emule-agent: handle tags 0x34 and 0x35
* emule-agent: fix BLOB decoding. Reported by Clemente Paixão
* emule-agent: specific policies for dreamule and emule config
* emule-agent: check if AC_SearchStrings.dat exists before opening. Reported by Clemente Paixão
* hive-report: catch exceptions at get_computer_name function
* hive-report: add Wow6432Node subkeys to the Installed Program report. Implemented by Vladimir Santos * datasource-physical-device: fix retrieve_metadata for disks that have empty serial numbers
* imagefile-ewf: fix amount of bytes read in decode_hash_section
* engelbart: class UIManager implemented

You can download the latest version at

Best regards,
Eduardo Aguiar

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