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[Mobiusft-list] Mobius 0.5

From: Eduardo Aguiar
Subject: [Mobiusft-list] Mobius 0.5
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 14:29:24 -0200
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Today I have submitted the Mobius Forensic Toolkit, release 0.5. This
version implements datasources. Datasources are stream of bytes of any
kind, that are compliant to a certain interface. For now they can be
either raw files (.raw, .dd, ...) or Logicube Talon image files (.log).

This release also opens up the 0.5.x series. Each 0.x series had a goal:

0.1.x - first development
0.2.x - first public releases. Isolated tools
0.3.x - extensions. Integrated framework
0.4.x - full Forensic Framework
0.5.x - integrated computer forensic tools.

So now it is time to give to Mobius Forensic Toolkit some forensic tools.

Eduardo Aguiar

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