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[Mldonkey-tasks] Protocol obfuscation in mldonkey

From: Leonardo Pacheco
Subject: [Mldonkey-tasks] Protocol obfuscation in mldonkey
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 09:47:27 -0000

I recently found out that my ISP, like many others, is throtling down ed2k traffic. Even tough I have a 4Mbps/600kbps link, I could only download at 15kBps and upload at 5kBps (if at all).

After a bit of investigation I found that moving back to eMule 0.47c and enabling Protocol Obfuscation solved my problem, and enabled me to upload/download at 55 kBps.

I couldn't find information on how to enable Protocol Obfuscation in mldonkey, or if it is implemented at all. I'm guessing it is not, and I couldn't find this in your task list, so I would like to request it.

Thank you!

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