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[Mldonkey-tasks] [task #5339] ED2K: Support for file's sizes >4GB

From: TripleM
Subject: [Mldonkey-tasks] [task #5339] ED2K: Support for file's sizes >4GB
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 07:28:07 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #6, task #5339 (project mldonkey):

i browsed the sources of emule 0.47c and found some maybe known proto infos.
client does not only advertise "large file capability" to server, but to
clients too.

in tag "CT_EMULE_MISCOPTIONS2" (0xfe):
bit 0-3: Kad Version
bit 4: Large Files (includes support for 64bit tags)
bit 5: Ext Multipacket (Hash+Size instead of Hash)
bit 6: Reserved (ModBit)
bit 7: Supports CryptLayer
bit 8: Requests CryptLayer
bit 9: Requires CryptLayer
bit 10-31: Reserved

of course sending and requesting parts has changed.

for parts with beginoffset<0xFFFFFFFF and endoffset<=0xFFFFFFFF the old proto
is used:
OP_REQUESTPARTS 0x47 // <hash>hash[3*<u32>begin][3*<u32>end]
OP_SENDINGPART 0x46 // <hash>hash<u32>begin<u32>end<data>
OP_COMPRESSEDPART 0x40 // <hash>hash<u32>begin<u32>len<len>data

for other:
OP_REQUESTPARTS_I64 0xA3 // <hash>hash[3*<u64>begin][3*<u64>end
OP_SENDINGPART_I64 0xA2 // <hash>hash<u64>begin<u64>end<data>
OP_COMPRESSEDPART_I64 0xA1 // <hash>hash<u64>begin<u32>len<len>data

some other parts of the proto have slightly changed too:

if file is "large file" and server supports large files, size is splitted
into two file tags
FT_FILESIZE 0x02 // <uint32>
FT_FILESIZE_HI 0x3A // <uint32>
if server doesnt support large files, file size is advertised as 0 (i dont
know, if this ever should happend)

if file is large file and other client supports large files, size is handled
in one tag
FT_FILESIZE 0x02 // <uint64>
if other client doesnt support large files, file size is advertised as 0

simular to above (filesize is splitted for server<->client and as one tag for

and one change in udp server requests
for "small files"
OP_GLOBGETSOURCES2 0x94 // <hash>hash<u32>size
for "large files"
OP_GLOBGETSOURCES2 0x94 // <hash>hash<u32>0<u64>size

i dont know if udp request
OP_GLOBGETSOURCES 0x9A // <hash>hash
works with large files

that's all, i found till now


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