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[Mldonkey-tasks] [task #5324] filetype recognition with libmagic

From: jave
Subject: [Mldonkey-tasks] [task #5324] filetype recognition with libmagic
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 20:58:21 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, task #5324 (project mldonkey):

heres how to perform the test:

- make a magic.i file like this:
%module ocamlmagic
 /* Includes the header in the wrapper code */
 #include "/usr/include/magic.h"

/* Parse the header file to generate wrappers */
%include "/usr/include/magic.h"

- compile it like so:
swig -ocaml magic.i

we get ocaml interface files and a c wrapper.
- guess it must all be compiled and linked...

swig -ocaml -co swig.mli
swig -ocaml -co
ocamlc -c swig.mli
ocamlc -c
ocamlc -c -ccopt "-I/usr/include/" magic_wrap.c
ocamlc -c ocamlmagic.mli
ocamlc -c

- making custom toplevel
ocamlmktop -cclib -lmagic -cclib -lz   -custom magic_wrap.o swig.cmo
ocamlmagic.cmo -o magic_top
ticky to get the linking right

- calling the funs
 (maybe not necessary)

#load "ocamlmagic.cmo";;
open Swig;;
open Ocamlmagic;;
let magiccookie = _magic_open  (C_int 0);;(*just opens the lib*)             
_magic_load (C_list [magiccookie; (C_int 0)]);; (* returns 0 on ok*)         
let fileinfo= _magic_file (C_list [magiccookie; (C_string
(* returns val fileinfo : Ocamlmagic.c_obj = C_string "PDF document, version
1.2" *)                                                                      
_magic_close magiccookie;; (*close the lib*)


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