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[Mldonkey-tasks] [task #4342] Access to disk data (free space, max file

From: savannah-bounces
Subject: [Mldonkey-tasks] [task #4342] Access to disk data (free space, max file name length)
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 20:37:19 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #15, task #4342 (project mldonkey):

I don`t see a sys.vfs on the OSX system, nor on FreeBSD 5.4. There is a

Relevant utput of `man statfs`:
     typedef struct { int32_t val[2]; } fsid_t;

     #define MFSNAMELEN   15 /* length of fs type name, not inc. nul */
     #define MNAMELEN     90 /* length of buffer for returned name */

     struct statfs {
         short   f_otype;    /* type of file system (reserved: zero) */
         short   f_oflags;   /* copy of mount flags (reserved: zero) */
         long    f_bsize;    /* fundamental file system block size */
         long    f_iosize;   /* optimal transfer block size */
         long    f_blocks;   /* total data blocks in file system */
         long    f_bfree;    /* free blocks in fs */
         long    f_bavail;   /* free blocks avail to non-superuser */
         long    f_files;    /* total file nodes in file system */
         long    f_ffree;    /* free file nodes in fs */
         fsid_t  f_fsid;     /* file system id (super-user only) */
         uid_t   f_owner;    /* user that mounted the file system */
         short   f_reserved1;        /* reserved for future use */
         short   f_type;     /* type of file system (reserved) */
         long    f_flags;    /* copy of mount flags (reserved) */
         long    f_reserved2[2];     /* reserved for future use */
         char    f_fstypename[MFSNAMELEN]; /* fs type name */
         char    f_mntonname[MNAMELEN];    /* directory on which mounted */
         char    f_mntfromname[MNAMELEN];  /* mounted file system */
         char    f_reserved3;        /* reserved for future use */
         long    f_reserved4[4];     /* reserved for future use */


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