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[Mldonkey-bugs] [bug #17325] mlnet crashes on downloading file > 2GB

From: Giovanni Lovato
Subject: [Mldonkey-bugs] [bug #17325] mlnet crashes on downloading file > 2GB
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 13:45:16 +0000
User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; it; rv: Gecko/20060527 SUSE/ Firefox/

Follow-up Comment #4, bug #17325 (project mldonkey):

Welcome to MLDonkey 2.7.7
Welcome on mldonkey command-line

Use ? for help

> sysinfo

Version:         MLNet Multi-Network p2p client version 2.7.7
Networks:        Global Shares  Gnutella  G2  Fasttrack  FileTP  BitTorrent 
Donkey (SUI)
Ocaml version:   3.09.2 - C compiler version: 4.0.2 - C++ compiler version:
Build on:        Linux i686 2.6.13-15.11-default (little endian) with glibc
Configure args:  --enable-force-ocaml --enable-batch
Features:        threads zlib-1.2.3 bzip2-1.0.3 gd(jpg/png-1.2.8) iconv
no-magic no-check-bounds

User:            admin (Warning: empty Password) - uptime: 0m 12s
Enabled nets:     Donkey Overnet BitTorrent FileTP
Server usage:    enabled
Geoip:           disabled, to enable adjust web_infos in downloads.ini for
automatic download
IP blocking:     no blocking list loaded
System info:     Linux server 2.6.13-15.11-default #1 Mon Jul 17 09:43:01 UTC
2006 i686
                 language: EN - locale: ANSI_X3.4-1968 - UTC offset: +0200
                 max_string_length: 16777211 - word_size: 32 -
max_array_length: 4194303
                 max file descriptors: 1024 - max useable file size: 2^63-1
bits (do the maths ;-p)

Directory                      |Type                         |    used|   
/srv/archive/mldonkey/.mldonkey|core/ini files               |  31.66G| 
60.80G|  65%|reiserfs
temp                           |temp/downloading             |  31.66G| 
60.80G|  65%|reiserfs
incoming/directories           |shared (incoming_directories)|  31.66G| 
60.80G|  65%|reiserfs
incoming/files                 |shared (incoming_files)      |  31.66G| 
60.80G|  65%|reiserfs
shared                         |shared (all_files)           |  31.66G| 
60.80G|  65%|reiserfs


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