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[Mldonkey-bugs] mldonkey submitRenameForm bug

From: Olive
Subject: [Mldonkey-bugs] mldonkey submitRenameForm bug
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 12:09:51 +0100
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function submitRenameForm(i) {
var formID = document.getElementById("renameForm" + i)
var regExp = new RegExp (' ', 'gi') ;
var renameTextOut = formID.newName.value.replace(regExp, '+');

if the new name contains e.g. '&', the resulting url is not valid. The text should be escaped on the client side
but I don't know how it is handeled by the server.

Other matter (check): looks like ReShare does not check _new_ files e.g. copied manually ?

Otherwize, super soft. The only p2p client that is a daemon.
Excellente idée. Very nice web interface.

A+O [not on the list]

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