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Re^2: [Mldonkey-bugs] Recent CVS version: Error on showing "Transfers" (

From: Frederic Krueger
Subject: Re^2: [Mldonkey-bugs] Recent CVS version: Error on showing "Transfers" (web interface) when hdd with incoming is saturated.. 2nd addition
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 06:47:41 +0100
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and another addition:
not all bittorrent files get deleted immediately after saving them to the incoming folder. some stay there. cant really figure out why, but i can tell you it s not the size of the torrent files.

(i mean they dont get deleted from incoming AND the temp folder)


Frederic Krueger wrote:

a little addition to the problem shown below:

mldonkey _does_ extract the torrent file (or the real file if there s jsut one in the torrent). but after that it deletes the torrent file (or the real file) and i end up with the "bad integer number" error message on "Transfers".

after restarting mldonkey i can access Transfers again, but it deleted the file from files.ini (without leaving me the file itself as stated above).

Frederic Krueger wrote:


another thing:
If the disk that holds incoming is full (as in 0 bytes free disk space left) the mldonkey web interface responds to a click on "Transfers" only by showing the "bad integer number" error message of OCAML in the main content window (the one at the bottom of the screen).


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