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[Mldonkey-bugs] [Bug #1722] file gets downloaded more than 100% - false

From: nobody
Subject: [Mldonkey-bugs] [Bug #1722] file gets downloaded more than 100% - false chunks received
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:14:53 -0500

=================== BUG #1722: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: Loial                     Project: mldonkey, a free e-Donkey 
Submitted on: 2002-Nov-15 14:14
Category:  Core                         Severity:  5 - Major                    
Bug Group:  None                        Resolution:  None                       
Assigned to:  None                      Status:  Open                           
Release:  2.00                          Release:                                
Platform Version:  Linux i386-i686      Binaries Origin:  Compiled From CVS     

Summary:  file gets downloaded more than 100% - false chunks received

Original Submission:  I'm having difficulty downloading some files correctly 
because I download more than 100% of the file.
This is what I think happens:
I download a file, 

but someone seems to have some incorrect chunks, because the downloaded size is 
bigger than the original file size. Pressing 'Verify chunks' removes the 
incorrect data en leaves me with a file that is e.g. 95% downloaded. This is 
good. However the incorrect chunks are downloaded again, so I again have a file 
that is not correct and I have to press 'Verify chunks' again. This keeps 
repeating itself.
The problem is, I think, that the incorrect chunk is downloaded from the same 
user(s) again. It would be better though if the username is remembered as 
having that incorrect part, so the part is downloaded from someone else.
Problem might be that during transmission of the original correct chunk the 
data got corrupted, resulting in the now incorrect chunk and then it would not 
be wise to remember that user as having an incorrect chunk. Or is this no 
problem, because it is already taken care of by the transmission protocol?
It can be said that there isn't a real problem here, because eventually the 
missing part will be downloaded from someone else and then the chunk will be 
correct and the file will be finished. However at the moment I am downloading 
at 100kb/s for half a day already and I still only have the same 90% of the 
file that I had this morning. This is ofcourse a big waste of network bandwith 
and should therefor be prevented.
I hope I could make myself clear :)
Goodluck and thanx

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