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[Mldonkey-bugs] [Bug #503] Upload limitation does not work

From: nobody
Subject: [Mldonkey-bugs] [Bug #503] Upload limitation does not work
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 08:29:03 -0400

=================== BUG #503: LATEST MODIFICATIONS ==================

Changes by: M <address@hidden>
Date: 2002-Oct-09 12:29 (GMT)

------------------ Additional Follow-up Comments ----------------------------
i didnt know that. can you mail me your tbf script ?
Im using cbq atm.

=================== BUG #503: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: None                      Project: mldonkey, a free e-Donkey 
Submitted on: 2002-May-29 20:45
Category:  Core                         Severity:  6                            
Bug Group:  None                        Resolution:  Remind                     
Assigned to:  mldonkey                  Status:  Open                           
Release:  None                          Release:                                
Platform Version:  None                 Binaries Origin:  None                  

Summary:  Upload limitation does not work

Original Submission:  Hi,
I live in Germany and can only upstream with 16KB/s (capped by the German 
And if I set my mldonkey-upstream to 15 I am experiencing the problem, that 
mldonkey does not stick to its limitation, it always tries tries to send more 
than it can send and my Provider then allways disconnects me.

I am using mldonkey 1.16

Follow-up Comments

Date: 2002-Oct-09 12:29             By: tech
i didnt know that. can you mail me your tbf script ?
Im using cbq atm.

Date: 2002-Oct-08 19:02             By: poelzi
When you use Linux you can use for example:
iptables -I INPUT -i ppp0 -t mangle  -m owner --uid-owner leech -j MARK 
--set-mark 67

Then run every P2P program as user leech. Every outgoing packet is marked and 
can be shaped by a tc rule to one limit.
Don't forget to use a qos qdisc and not only a class or mostly the wrong 
packages get droppend an transfer is realy bad. I have good experiences with 
tbf as qdisc.

Date: 2002-Oct-08 15:05             By: tech
I live in Germany too. I experienced a few problems while testing mldonkey. The 
first one was , that mldonkey uses too many connections if you want to share 
the line with a few workstations. 5 PCs online at home here. If mldonkey runs a 
while nobody can even surf anymore. limit the connections to 200 or 300. QoS is 
a way to limit upload bw, BUT it limits (and if to fast drops) the p2p 
communication packets too (because they use the same port) and thats not what 
we want. I think it is the 900+ connections too, that is causing the uploadbw 
"override". To hold the connections a few kb/s are needed and to establish new 
ones even more bw is needed. Im not sure if mldonkey calculates this. So reduce 
the maxconnections value. Further i noticed a random disconnect. The first 
thing i thought its my ISP disconnecting me, because i cant do to many nmap 
scans without beeing disconnected. But this wasnt the case. I looked in the 
debugmessages of my clientsoftware ( rp-pppoe ) and saw a message like "net 
send error ... no buffer space availabe ... modem hangup". Its a bug in the UDP 
packet handling of the pppoe software. Its easy to fix. You just have to edit a 
line in the sourcecode and recomile it.
Sorry, I dont have the link anymore but I found the solution at the debian BTS. . The error appears if sending many UDP packets. (eg extended 
Sorry for my bad english.

Date: 2002-Oct-07 06:05             By: None
max_hard_upload_rate = 15 works fine with me...
a workaround for users that are deconnected by their own provider would be to 
use QoS to limit bandwith usage on donkey ports.

Date: 2002-Sep-29 07:26             By: None
update (me again)
just read the releasenotes of mldwatch 1.7 and found a bug report on the 
up/down speed shown in the statusbar.

unfortunateley this does not have anything to do with the problem of too high 
up/down rates i experienced

Date: 2002-Sep-29 07:05             By: None
update concerning my post from 2002-Sep-16 02:39 (the huge one) : it's not only 
the downstream bw that's completely sucked up by mld, even the upstream is at 
sure @ mldonkey, now i updated to mld1.99b8 and mldwatch 1.7.
the gui pretends to upload about 3-4kbytes/s with a given limit of value "10". 
[kilobytes per second, aight? ;) ]
but iptraf shows me an output bandwith of about 135 kbit/s.
(yes i checked iptraf even when mld was offline, and it was about 8kbit/s).
maybe it's not a transfer sucking up my bandwith, because mld found about 2600 
sources for one file, but i limited the value to 1000. could this be the reason 
why i have no bandwith left?
ppp0 receives 45000 packets per minute, almost 98% for mld.

Date: 2002-Sep-16 19:30             By: mldonkey
Don't forget these options are in kB/s and not kb/s

Next CVS snapshot will indicate in the GUI the uploaded/downloaded bytes.

Date: 2002-Sep-16 06:39             By: None
I use the same provider, and limitated my bandwith in mld 1.16 to 80/10 k/s, 
and it works pretty fine.
However, from time to time, my mld seems not to update his serverlist after 
restart (although 4 .met's are in the downloads.ini), and starts starving 
around with about 40 servers.
So i used the mld 1.99 beta5 core (just because of the nice windows-gui that's 
around),and now it seems to me that mld 1.99 has severe problems with bandwith 
mld1.99 always seems to suck up the whole downstream bandwith, no matter which 
limit is set.As my linuxserver is used as a router to, it comes extremely 
unhandy that there's almost no downstream bandbwith available (even 
smallhonkclients like irc or icq can't connect to their servers - same applies 
to the browsers.)

have a nice day

Date: 2002-Sep-05 12:29             By: None
I have it too, it´s fucked up, because my hole house is on a router, and when 
mldonkey is running, the other computers can´t surf in the Internet!!!!


Date: 2002-Jul-22 08:46             By: Netgrabber
I have the same problem!

Date: 2002-Jun-14 01:47             By: jzl60
Got the same problem. I temporarily fixed this with a smart router (Basically, 
I drop incoming frames when the bandwidth limit is reached). This is not the 
right/intelligent way of doing it. I would really like to get this one fixed.

Date: 2002-Jun-09 00:01             By: Janus666
y0, got t-dsl too and have the same prob
got upload on 12K/Sec but its streaming more than 16K/Sec
:/ fix that plz

Date: 2002-Jun-09 00:01             By: Janus666
y0, got t-dsl too and have the same prob
got upload on 12K/Sec but its streaming more than 16K/Sec
:/ fix that plz

Date: 2002-Jun-08 23:56             By: Janus666
y0, got t-dsl too and have the same prob
got upload on 12K/Sec but its streaming more than 16K/Sec
:/ fix that plz

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