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[MIT-Scheme-users] imail utf-8 Characters

From: David Gray
Subject: [MIT-Scheme-users] imail utf-8 Characters
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 09:46:42 +0300

I get occasional email in Greek and imail makes a real hash of displaying this. 
I expected this
after following the discussion on utf-8 sequences before. My question is is 
there a way to save
this to read in another editor? If I forward the message it can be read OK, but 
not if saved. Does 
the forward just bypass edwin altogether using the message on the server and 
that’s why it works?
I experimented a little and my hope is that the Greek characters are just 
passed through like roughage
and I can reconstruct the correct character later:
#| #\U+039b |#

#| #\¢ |#


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