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[MIT-Scheme-users] Vacancy on Scheme Editors Committee

From: Mitchell Wand
Subject: [MIT-Scheme-users] Vacancy on Scheme Editors Committee
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 00:02:02 -0000

[2nd transmission:  a formatting error seems to have confused my
mailer, so I'm retransmitting.   Definitely more apologies are in
order. --Mitch Wand]

As we announced on 4/26/05, Richard Kelsey has resigned from the
Scheme Language Editors Committee.  The Charter says:

   The Steering Committee must replace Editors who leave. The
   replacements must be selected within three months, and the Steering
   Committee must announce the replacement to the Scheme community at

Therefore the Steering Committee has begun the process of replacing

In order to tap the largest possible pool of talent, the Steering
Committee would like suggestions from the community for a suitable

Feel free to nominate yourself or any person whom you feel would be
appropriate to serve on the Editors Committee.  You may nominate more
than one person.

In making your suggestions, please be guided primarily by who would do
the best job, and not by likelihood of acceptance or other external
factors.  For each nominee, please include a brief statement of why
you believe that person would be a good editor.

We would like to have the new editor in place as soon as possible.
Therefore, we would appreciate receiving your suggestions within 5
days of the date of this message.

Please send your suggestions to the members of the steering committee:

Alan Bawden <address@hidden>
Guy Steele  <address@hidden>
Mitch Wand  <address@hidden>

We would of course be happy to hear any other comments you may have
about the entire Scheme Standardization process.

Alan, Guy, and Mitch

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