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Re: Latin Phrases on exit

From: Vincent Manis (he/him)
Subject: Re: Latin Phrases on exit
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 13:51:52 -0800
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Oops, I did that from memory and got it wrong; Mr Google just told me that. The conventional usage is “ab ovo usque ad mala”, meaning “from the egg right up to the apples”, and not only that if it had been singular it would have been “malum”, not “malo”. Please forgive me for being so pedantic.

On 2023-02-16 13:44, Vincent Manis (he/him) wrote:
I would add “ab ovo usque ad malo”, literally “from the egg right up to the apple”. Roman banquets often started with an egg course and ended with an apple, so the phrase signifies “everything”. Seems appropriate for a Scheme system (or for GNU Emacs, for that matter).

On 2023-02-16 11:51, Clive Tovero wrote:
"Cogito, ergo sum, cogito."  (For fun, someone with access to ChatGPT might ask it to translate this.)

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