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Problem to cross compile glib2

From: Guenther Sohler
Subject: Problem to cross compile glib2
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2023 22:57:31 +0100

My Target is to compile openscad for windows.
During compilation there is also the need to compile

GLIB2 2.70.2 with MXE

Unfortunately this does not work in my place.

A Sub-Dependency pcre creates issues and  i don't know , how to fix  this.

The compilation log states, that pcre 8.45 is beeing downloaded,
but lateron it states, that pcre 8.37 is not found ? ( yes my internet is working and  i can manually download  the package)

I have attached the meson log file and a temporary wrap file which i have found and appears to be wrong

This file appears to be downloaded automatically from a server and i dont have a chance to fix its  content because it's wrong again 
when i relaunch the script.

In the  pkg directory i see version 8.45  of  pcre but the script fails because it did not download version 8.37

Is this a known issue ? 
Are there further files which are interesting  to debug my issue ?

Thank you for your attention.


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