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Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] bison dependency?

From: Tony Theodore
Subject: Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] bison dependency?
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 01:39:44 +1000

> On 28 Jul 2016, at 07:00, Nagaev Boris <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dependencies of mxe-requirements package are listed here: https://git.io/vKbaP
> Can we remove some of them or make mxe-requirements suggested and not
> required for the rest of MXE binary distribution?

Sounds like a good idea.

In addition to that, we should also exclude the native packages built for
`wheezy` and `trusty`. They are also only required to build MXE, and it’s 
safe to assume that users of binary packages already have their local 
build environment tuned to their liking. I’m in the middle of removing 
empty packages from `print-deps-for-build-pkg` so will add this also.



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