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[Mingw-cross-env-list] SSL links and website (was: Can't make sdl2_net a

From: Volker Grabsch
Subject: [Mingw-cross-env-list] SSL links and website (was: Can't make sdl2_net and sdl2_mixer from git)
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 02:34:50 +0100
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Volker Grabsch schrieb:
> https://github.com/mxe/mxe/commit/e30799191135feac32863d31562de2cc7d3bfee2
> Also, it's great to see an SSL enabled project website!

FYI: I just changed many links the the documentation
from http:// to https:// wherever possible.

If anyone else likes to pick some "http://"; URL from
our index.html and check for an "https://"; alternative,
feel free to do so! However, don't forget to file your
pull request against the stable branch (not master).

Of course, it's a pity that our very own website doesn't
support SSL, because we make use of the "GitHub pages"
feature, and GitHub pages don't support SSL. So if we
really wanted to change that, I'd have to host that site
on my own server, which would make fully-automated updates
quite a pain. (or we need some kind of polling to GitHub
every 5 minutes or so)  As a side note, purchasing an
SSL certificate is not a big deal, as StartSSL (and maybe
other companies) offers simple, free SSL certificates.

What do you think? Does anyone have a better idea for
adding SSL support to mxe.cc, ensuring automatic quick
updates from the MXE stable branch?


Volker Grabsch

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