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Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] nsis 2.46 build fails (util.h patch) (now icu

From: Tony Theodore
Subject: Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] nsis 2.46 build fails (util.h patch) (now icu4c)
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 20:11:12 +1000

On 24/05/2013, at 5:26 PM, Tony Theodore <address@hidden> wrote:

> On 24/05/2013, at 4:46 PM, Guhl Peter <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Could you post the full build log?
>> Here you go. Looks like a couple of libraries are missing. They are
>> indeed
>> nowhere at my system. Should they be built by some part of mxe or do I
>> have
>> to provide them myself somehow?
> The missing libs are being created by the icu build, you don't need to 
> provide them.
> The reason they're not being found is that they are being created as:
> i686-pc-mingw32-ar: creating ../../lib/sicutu.a
> instead of:
> i686-pc-mingw32-ar: creating ../../lib/libsicutu.a
> This appears to be an issue with gmake 3.82 not picking up the 
> `LIBPREFIX=lib` we pass to the make invocation. I'll see how to get around 
> that and let you know.

I'm stumped and can't find a proper fix for this. If you run:

"make -e icu4c"

it will build correctly, but adding the "-e" flag to the build rule doesn't...

Hopefully some else on the list can figure this out.



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