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[Mingw-cross-env-list] Resend More Bugs

From: Thomas Dineen
Subject: [Mingw-cross-env-list] Resend More Bugs
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 18:38:02 -0700
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Gentle People:

Please copy Thomas Dineen <address@hidden> as there are some
technical issues with the reflector (on my end).

First a description of my environment(s):

1) My first cross compile environment is currently running on Fedora 14.
Where I build the cross compile tree as indicated by the provided make scripts
(Make all). With the goal of producing the build environment where a
number of tools and a large number of libraries will later be built.

2) I then tar the entire tree at the i686-pc-mingw32 Root to move it
to the Windows / MinGW machine.

3) Then on the Windows / MinGW machine the directory tree is untarred
and placed in

I then try some trivial example builds.

I assume everyone pretty much dose this?

1) For the Fedora Cross Environment side:
How can I modify the build to produce the library *.dll files?
I am looking at enable_shared and enable_static. But  experiments have
failed to produce any dlls! Can I produce both with the same gcc command
or at least the same make?

2) On your Website you mentions "Dll Hell"! What do you mean?
Are you referring to portability issues"

3) On the Windows / MinGW side what is the best location in the directory
tree to place the i686-pc-mingw32 root library tree?


4) What about portability issues?
Static linking is probably more portable?
But is dynamic linking workable in the Windows Environment?
What is the best directory location to store the dlls in?

5) Next a NEW Build environment Bug from my attempt to build the cross
compiler in the Solaris 10 / Intel Environment. (Why? Because that Solaris machine
is way faster hardware)

Solaris Build Bug:
/export/home/tools/mingw-cross-env-2.21/tmp-gcc/gcc-4.6.0/mpc/src/get.c:39: erro
r: `_Imaginary_I' undeclared (first use in this function)
make[6]: *** [get.lo] Error 1

I assume we have a missing library here (header file)! What is the easiest way to find out what library
is required? What library is `_Imaginary_I' located in?

A larger log file can be provided on request.

Thanks for the help
Thomas Dineen

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