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[Mingw-cross-env-list] TinyXML integration

From: Alexandre Bacquart
Subject: [Mingw-cross-env-list] TinyXML integration
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 14:59:37 +0200
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Hi guys,

After dealing with Xerces successfully, I quickly noticed a sad fact: it's too damn big for what I need about XML. The static library adds ~35Mo to the final executable.

Well, undoubtly Xerces has good reasons to be that big, but I don't need a rocket launcher to kill my flies so I decided to use something lighter. My first focus was on libxml2. But if libxml2 is a lot lighter than Xerces (~4Mo and already integrated in MCE), I found there was something even lighter than that: tinyxml (~120Ko, sure tiny in comparison)

So I decided to integrate it in MCE. Please see attached patch.


- This patch is focused on C++ use of tinyxml.

- I tweaked the update rule and it worked for me (tried it with an older version specified)

- I added a test program. Most of its code has been taken from the tinyxml tutorial at:
The test program takes a xml file as argument and just parses it to stdout. So yes, this is not a "strict-minimal-standalone" test, so feel free to replace it with something more appropriate if needed, it should be easy enough.

- Specific to current Debian testing repository (squeeze): regarding the test program, it seems there is a little interface difference between tinyxml's very last version (2.6.1) and the one available on Debian queeze (2.5.3). It is about some renamed enumerations (like TiXmlNode::DOCUMENT renamed in TiXmlNode::TINYXML_DOCUMENT). I wonder why they did that. Anyway, I decided to simply ignore it for the purpose of MCE and simply used last version names in the test program. That makes the thing currently not portable without some few #ifdef in real projects built on Debian (not mine, I don't use those enum :) ), but only until Debian catch-up, that should not be a big deal.

- Even if tinyxml is really simple to use, it would be nice to have pkg-config stuff. For instance, I don't really know how to make it clean, so I left it for you guys.




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