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Re: [Masterlibre-list] I think free software is important and I'm very i

From: Wouter Tebbens
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] I think free software is important and I'm very interested in this project
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 14:43:50 +0200
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Dear Adonay and all,

great to see your interest in this.

Let me just mention that over the last ten years or so we have been
working in this area and since 2008 we have built up the Free Technology

Despite its low activity, I am sure you can find useful materials and
other resources there. We have worked with many on this list to
establish an international coalition around a flexible, modular
programme on free software / free technologies. We also developed a
multiple-master curriculum on Free Technologies.

Not all is online any longer as we moved to new servers, redid campus
and website (and lost the community portal).

But here's some pointers for what might be of interest for you:
* FTA Partners / Associate Partner network:
* FTA Course Programme:
* Each module has a course book published under free license(s):
* Recognition by one or more of the partners of the Associate Partner

Let me also mention that many course books come from Spanish
universities such as LibreSoft at URJC and Open University Catalunya,
which we translated into English with their supervision. And then the
worldwide community translated parts into other languages, including

There's a shared cost approach for doing this together and a vision and
methodology for co-developing the resources.

But, as I said, the activity level is really low. We can and sometimes
do run some courses in the online campus, but to do that well we would
need people to invest in attracting groups of learners who are willing
to pay. Tutoring, maintenance and support done well does still require
people to get some income.

If you're interested to use or become part of the FTA, please be
welcome. I CC Marco Fioretti, the FKI Board member who directs the FTA
at the moment.

Ah, just for your understanding: FKI (Free Knowledge Institute) is the
original coordinator of the FTA, and when initial EC funding to set it
up was finished (it was a 2 years virtual campus project under LLP), we
managed to continue as a shared business with the university partners,
but together we did not earn enough tuition fees to cover the cost of
running it between as a consortium, so FKI decided to "rescue" /
"continue" the FKI alone, as an on-demand initiative.

Looking forward to hear from you,

best regards,

Wouter Tebbens
Unlocking the Knowledge Society
Digital DIY -
IoT -
ProCommons -

On 12-05-16 18:33, Adonay Felipe Nogueira wrote:
> Thank you Cousin! :D
> I haven't read the published articles yet, but the idea of the project
> caught my attention.
> Perhaps we can use it to make a general Master degree, not just for
> Europe.
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