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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Add Humanitarian style as an option for Maposmatic,

From: Taro Matsuzawa
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Add Humanitarian style as an option for Maposmatic,
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 22:51:43 +0900
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Hi David.

(2013/11/17 22:05), David MENTRÉ wrote:
Konbanwa Taro-san,

2013-11-17 11:11, Taro Matsuzawa:
My setup log is following:

I'm a trying to find what you needed to modify compared to our
(MapOSMatic) default setup:

  * Use option --hstore at osm2pgsql step;

Yes, hstore extension enabled by createlang pgplsql.
Also I use PostgreSQL 9.1 (Ubuntu 13.10 default).

And I add -G option, because it used in HDM-CartoCSS's setup step.

  * Modify original HDM-CartoCSS repository:

    * Add script from Rodolphe Quiédeville;

Yes, and I take this file from openstreetmap's mapnik-stylesheets.

    * Add a "final.xml" file. Where this file comes from? Have you used
CartoCC ( and TillMill
( In that case, what is your
cartocc.json file?

1. copy hdm.mml file to other file and remove some layers use local file and http in datasource.

2. copy cartocc.json.sample to cartocc.json and change database config with this server's setup (maposmatic/pass) and delete local datasources.

3. run 'cartocc test2.mml cartocc.json > test2_1.mml'

4. run 'carto test2_1.mml > test.xml'

5. set text.xml to .ocitysmap.conf and run

6. fix's error using vim:-).

7. finally, I add boundaries from osm's mapnik-stylesheets and add ENTITYs.

  * Add a patch on maposmatic to add the HOT stylesheet on the menu:

Now I setup maposmatic and this form looks use .ocitysmap.conf.
so I think this patch is not needed.
Test server is here(only Philippines data):

And, I added some fix to ocitysmap and maposmatic for Ubuntu 13.10.

Is that all?

My comment is all...maybe.

And now Dražen (HOTOSM team) try to setup this server.
I think it's best to support in .
But my patches depend on Ubuntu 13.10 and I can't test other version.
If is difficult to patch a my patches,
I want to run this service in HOTOSM for Philippines.

Taro Matsuzawa
Georepublic Japan
mail: address@hidden

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