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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] place=locality #9699

From: Florian Lohoff
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] place=locality #9699
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 09:20:07 +0200
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On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 08:53:58AM +0200, David MENTRE wrote:
> Hello Florian,
> This is what is currently done:
> """
>        where trim(name) != ''
>              and (place = 'locality'
>                   or place = 'hamlet'
>                   or place = 'isolated_dwelling')
> """
> As as said, for this particular bug the issue is not technical but
> political. What is the general OSM worldwide consensus about the use
> of such tags? Is there such a consensus?

Initialy i said "place=locality" is something which should not
show up in "Villages". The Wiki explicitly mentiones it as an 
uninhabited location. So it cant be a village.
        "The place=locality tag can be used to name unpopulated place which is
        not associated with any extant feature to which such a tag could be
        Flurbezeichung. Name eines Ortes, wo keine Leute Leben (Flurname). 

Here the German and the English version differ a bit - But both agree
that its an unpopulated place. The German documentation even goes
further and makes it a "Flurbezeichnung" which is a legal name for the
land registry.

Florian Lohoff                                                 address@hidden

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