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[Maposmatic-dev] MapOSMatic questions, ideas

From: Joe Larson
Subject: [Maposmatic-dev] MapOSMatic questions, ideas
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 22:30:59 -0700

Since this is my first email to the list, to begin I want to say how amazing I 
think MapOSMatic is and how thankful I am for the skills and time the 
developers who created it have given! I have hung out in IRC (as `oeon` 
typically) and said a couple things in the past - but I felt an email was more 
appropriate now.

My biggest question is - would it ever be possible for a user to submit their 
own custom style(sheet) during the job creation process and if so, what format 
would this need to be? If custom stylesheet upload/submission is not possible - 
I assume that cloning and setting up the project on one's own server is the 
alternate route, with the desired changes to the style. What I am wanting to do 
is render maps for firefighters to display in their stations of their response 
areas - showing some features that don't appear by default with any of the 
current styles and making a few other rendering adjustments for visibility. I 
work for the fire service in a GIS/mapping role.

A couple other ideas that have come to mind after creating a few jobs:

It would be good to create the bounding box (bbox) of a job by entering corner 
coordinates - instead of only being able to draw the bbox with the mouse. I 
found that when I wanted to re-print a job, but with a different style - I 
could see the bbox corners in the job details, but could not recreate the bbox 
for a new job by entering those coords, only drawing by mouse.

This brings up my 2nd idea - ability to pick a new style and regenerate an 
existing job.

Just a few ideas/observations from a users perspective - not sure if they're 
possible with the architecture/components. Thank you again! Kindest regards,

Joe Larson

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