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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Use simple language codes when country specificatio

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Use simple language codes when country specification isn't necessary
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 19:13:12 +0200

Hello Guttorm,

2012/5/7 Guttorm Flatabø <address@hidden>:
> You should use simple language codes when there is no need for spcifying
> country, or to differentiate between different country varieties. AFAIK
> there are no country varieties of Asturian, it is thus probably best to
> rename "ast_ES" to "ast", as ast_ES is a more specific code than necessary.
> This can be a real problem with language detection. F. ex. if you set
> Portuguese on the top of your language list in Chromium you will not be
> given the Portuguese version when you visit because Chromium
> asks for "pt" and we can only offer "pt_BR". For Brazilian Portuguese this
> might be the intention, but for languages where there are no real country
> variety it just makes the chance of things going wrong higher. (It is not a
> problem the other way around. Try setting your Chromium language to "German
> - Austria", although maposmatic does not have an "de_AT" language, you'll
> still be given the "de" translation").
> As long as there are no "pt_PT" and "nl_BE" translations, I also think
> "pt_BR" and "nl_NL" should be renamed to "pt" and "nl" respectively and
> "tr_TR" should definitely be renamed to "tr".

I think you are right... but for the web front-end of MapOSMatic, i.e.
maposmatic. More specifically we would need to modify this data

For ocitysmap, as far as I remember country selection is done through
Nominatim result (any confirmation?) so the logic is different in this

What should be the list of simplifications to do?

Right now I see:
pt_PT => pt
ast_ES => ast
sk_SK => sk
tr_TR => tr
ru_RU => ru
hr_HR => hr
da_DK => da

We would also need to document the logic behind this simplified
naming, otherwise we will be lost in a few weeks.

And we need to double check this, I am fearing side effects difficult to test.

Other opinions?

Best regards,

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