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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Need UTF8 encoded language files to proceed with Tr

From: Guttorm Flatabø
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Need UTF8 encoded language files to proceed with Translation management at Transifex
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 15:48:18 +0200

Thank you for your reply David,

On Sun, May 6, 2012 at 4:51 PM, David MENTRE <address@hidden> wrote:
I think it is better to send separate emails to the list when you have
different issues, it is easier to track them.

Ok, I'll consider the language code issues unadressed for now then.
> The gettext template file has UTF8 characters outside ASCII encoded as
> escaped octals, f.ex. "\302\251", while the German translation uses "true"
> UTF8 encoding, f.ex. "©". Not only are the octals confusing to translators,
> they also confuse Transifex since the msgid in the template and translation
> aren't the same. From what I've gathered before, the octals aren't necessary
> and could be replaced with proper UTF8 characters. If that is not the case,
> then at least the template and translations need to use only either one of
> them so that msgid's match.

The issue should be at Transiflex import, because in our repositories
the PO files are in 8 bits.

The problem is that at least the template file uses octals. When looking at it now, it looks like the solution might as simple as just replacing the octals in the template file, but then we should be sure they're not introduced again the next time the template is generated.

* For maposmatic:

I haven't looked at maposmatic yet, but there might not be any issues there.


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