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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Re: Should place=locality index be merged with stre

From: Valerie-Emma Leroux
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Re: Should place=locality index be merged with street index?
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 16:18:34 +0100
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Le 06/01/2010 20:40, David MENTRE a écrit :

2010/1/6 Jeroen van Rijn<address@hidden>:
Would it make sense to index e.g. "Les Trois Fontaines" be indexed as
"Trois Fontaines, Les" to
a) Index it under T instead of L
b) Use the suffix ",<prefix>" to avoid confusion with the usage of
"Streetname (<prefix>)" by street names.

Yes it would make sense and it IMHO a good idea. I would prefer to
have potential users (Lionel and Valérie-Emma) advice though.

I'm sorry to answer with only a ten-month delay...
I haven't had time for OSM and Maposmatic for months (except mapping of course). Trying to catch up.
Bravo for everything done this year.

Thank you to adapt the index for rural towns, but there's quite a problem, because you focused on a baddly tagged town [1].
It's place=hamlet which should be indexed with the streets.
Place=locality could be interesting too, but it's quite rare (and by definition no one lives there, so rarely needed to find someone's address :)).

If you look at my rural town on OSM [2] and the index in Maposmatic [3] there's quite a lack in the index :). The same for the now world-famous Chavagne.

For the precise question about the exemple "Les Trois Fontaines", of course that's a good idea to have them indexed as "Trois Fontaines, Les" if it's possible without creating new problems with street names like the already given "Rue La Fontaine" exemple.

Might this also avoid the clash with street names in the codebase?

I don't think so. The more I think about it, the more I think we need
to handle separately street and locality prefixes before merging and
sorting them.

Has it been possible ?



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