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[Maposmatic-dev] Project suggestion and a question

From: Jeroen van Rijn
Subject: [Maposmatic-dev] Project suggestion and a question
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 14:35:44 +0100

Hi there,

I came across MapsOSMatic last night on First off let me
congratulate you on a job well done so far, I really like where you're
going with this. I'll be installing a copy on my development server at
home sometime this or next week to play around with it (and possibly
to hack on it some).

With that said, I have a suggestion you might consider adding to the
web interface:
- If a user searches for a city that has already had a map made for
it, show them this in the result list. It may well be the existing map
will work for them and it would save both them and the server time.
-- As an example, search for "Administrative boundary: Lherm" and
three results appear, no mention is made however of the map: that already exists.

- A more complicated version of this feature could compare the
selected area with the areas of existing maps and offer these up as
results if the overlap is greater than e.g. 80%. This would also give
people the option of finding preexisting maps for towns such as
Boxmeer, The Netherlands, which doesn't have an administrative
boundary in the OSM data. When a prerendered map exists, chances are
someone else looking for the same town to be rendered will be happy
with the bounding box selected by a previous user.

That being the suggestion, here comes my question: Is there a Dutch
translation underway, or would it be okay for me to start one. In the
latter case, any particular files I need to look out for when cloning
the repository?

Best regards,

"That's like saying that a squirrel is 48% juicier than an orange -
maybe it's true, but anybody who puts the two in a blender to compare
them is kind of sick." -- Linus Torvalds

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