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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Re: German translation online !

From: malenki
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Re: German translation online !
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 17:44:02 +0100

Thomas Petazzoni <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Saw that on maposmatic and while translating ;) I am more concerned
>> about comitting stuff and access rights which may be needed. I am not
>> familiar with git, svn and such.
>> In short: how to commit a changed po-file?
>Two solutions:
> * You send patches to the list

You mean the altered po-file? Or do I still have to set up git and all
stuff that for?

> This is the simplest solution for a low amount of changes. This is
> how all MapOSMatic contributors work, including all original authors ;

[how to handle git]

sigh. Thanks for the description. I'll have a try when I have some
spare time.

>> Do I understand right that these ar the categories where POIs like
>> schools, place of worships and such are collected?
>Yes. More precisely, there are two type of strings:
> * Categories of POI: «Places of worship», «Education», «Public
>   buildings»
> * Name of POI used when the name of the POI isn't available in the
>   OpenStreetMap database. This is where the "Post office", "School",
>   "Kindergarten", etc. strings are used.

OK. I was wondering about seemingly duplicity.

>> In German, the streetnames ar names of the street with all parts of
>> the name belonging to it.
>> Be it "Straße der Deutschen Einheit" (Street of German Unity), 
>> "Doktor-Wilhelm-Külz-Straße" (should be clear) or
>> "Hauptstraße" (Main road) - the names are just used as the are.
>Ok. But this means that all streets starting with Straße will be listed
>under letter "S" in the street index. Is this the case in normal german
>city maps ? 

Yes (at least I think so...). Anyway there aren't a lot of german
streetnames starting with "Straße". Below an example from Cologne with
not a single one of that kind.

> Do you have example of existing german city maps ?

I will have a look if I can get a image of a hardware map tomorrow

What I forgot to mention: "Doktor" and "Professor" in names like
Doktor-Wilhelm-Külz-Straße are usually abbreviated to "Dr." or "Prof."
Since there is a nice mix of mapping the long or the short form of this
titles there should be looked for Dr. and Doktor, Prof. and Professor
and then either abbreviate all or none of them.

Doktor is not mentioned here but I guess you will find it helpful:


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