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[Maposmatic-dev] Re: Enhanced german translation

From: Thomas Petazzoni
Subject: [Maposmatic-dev] Re: Enhanced german translation
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 20:57:07 +0100

Hi malenki,

(I've added the development list of MapOSMatic in CC:. For future
updates of the translation, could you post to this list ? The traffic
is very low)

Le Sat, 26 Dec 2009 15:04:48 +0100,
address@hidden a écrit :

> Here maybe one or two words were dropped to much:
> #: templates/maposmatic/about.html:76
> "href=\"\";>Nominatim</a> service.
> This\n" "service made really it really simple to provide a nice search
> engine\n"


> This text regarding Nominatim seems not to belong to the context of
> the OCitySMap-python module - at least it is not included to the list
> of what the python-module can do.
> So the Nominatim-text should either be placed elsewhere or included
> into the list of thy python-module-abilities.

Right, fixed.

> When adding new or enhancing strings (and trying to translate them)
> please mark them as fuzzy or new so one sees what is new/ has changed.

Normally, modified strings are automatically marked fuzzy by the
"makemessages" procedure of Django. At least for french, it seems to
work fairly well.

> The new strings were translated google-like into german. One was
> similiar to "Language of forefingers of map"...

Yes, some strings were quickly translated by a non-native german

> If you would like me to contribute via git so you don't have to check
> your inbox for new translations all the time please give me a little
> help how to do so without messing up the server :)

You can provide patches against
You can clone the whole Git repository by doing:

 git clone git://

> The new german translation is available at 

Thanks a lot, I've uploaded it on the official server!

Moreover, can you help us improving the German support of OcitySMap ?
This would involve:

 * Reviewing the translation of a few strings used in the street index,

 * Tell us how the street names should be handled by OcitySMap. For
   french, for example, the street "Rue Paul Verlaine" must be turned
   into "Paul Verlaine (Rue)" so that the street is indexed at letter
   "P" and not at letter "R" like all streets ("Rue" means street in
   french). My understanding is that in german the word "Rue" is not
   used *before* the street name, but as a postfix. Therefore, maybe
   there aren't a lot of things to do. Can you tell us whether the
   current street indexes generated for German cities is correct ?

   See the i18_fr_generic and i18_it_generic classes in
   for details.

Thanks a lot again!

Thomas Petazzoni               
Promouvoir et défendre le Logiciel Libre
Logiciels Libres à Toulouse    

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