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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] [PATCH 1/3] Re-add the session application to the I

From: Thomas Petazzoni
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] [PATCH 1/3] Re-add the session application to the INSTALLED_APPS list.
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 20:07:25 +0200

Le Sun,  6 Sep 2009 13:06:53 +0200,
Maxime Petazzoni <address@hidden> a écrit :

> The session app is required for Django's good operation. Putting back
> django.contrib.session into the INSTALLED_APPS list in the settings
> ensures that the django_session table will be created by syncdb and
> that the web application runs fine afterwards.

Pulled and pushed, thanks!
Thomas Petazzoni               
Promouvoir et défendre le Logiciel Libre
Logiciels Libres à Toulouse    

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