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[Man2html-dev] RE: Savannah

From: Jason M. Kikta
Subject: [Man2html-dev] RE: Savannah
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 20:44:49 -0400

Thanks. I'll try and take a look at the edits this weekend. I think you're
right about the It mistook my RH 9 box for Solaris, so I had to
do it by hand. I guess good instructions or maybe a makefile would work.
I'll probably need help with the automated bundle creation process. Also,
I'm showing as a member of the project, but not as an admin.


-----Original Message-----
From: Earl Hood [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, 22 May, 2003 18:22
To: Jason M. Kikta
Subject: Re: Savannah

On May 22, 2003 at 15:43, "Jason M. Kikta" wrote:

> When you get a chance, could you make me an administrator so I can start
> uploading & such? Thanks.

You should have admin and CVS write priviledges.

I have created to mailing lists, dev and users, for the project.

I have uploaded the 3.0.1 sources into CVS.  I made some edits
to reflect my newer preferred email address.  I have also removed
references to in the README since I do not know if
it still should be used or not for installation.  If so, I can
commit the latest version of from the mhonarc project
into the man2html project.

I did not commit my local edits to 3.0.1.  Since I'm unsure about
the nature of all the edits, I will follow-up to the dev list
with the diffs.

Note, the creation of distribution bundles was down "outside" of the
man2html sub-tree (I had a Makefile in the parent directory that
automated the bundling process).  If you need help in creating an
automated bundle creation process, just ask.  What is actually
done could depend on how man2html should be installed by users.

BTW, I typically use various project administration scripts for
the project I administate.  I currently maintain the scripts
as part of the MHonArc project.  Documentation is available
at <>.  The
`release' script is probably the most important one since I
use it to help automate part of the release process along with
performing nightly builds.


P.S.  If the address@hidden list is running, we can
move any further conversation there.

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