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[Man-db-devel] More Bug report/doubt on man pages

From: Rafael Fontenelle
Subject: [Man-db-devel] More Bug report/doubt on man pages
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 04:18:15 -0200

I notice a few more things while translating man-db-manpage. The strings are quoted below with bold in important parts for each manpage.

1) man.man1

"The pager can be specified in a number of ways, or else will fall back to a default is used"

The part after 'else' doesn't seem to make sense with two verbs. How about changing to "or else a default is used" or "or else will fall back to a default"?

2) man.man1

"A formatting pipeline is formed from the filters and the primary formatter (B<nroff> or [B<tg>]B<roff> with B<-t>)  and executed."

No sure whether my understanding is correct, but if the idea is to express that "the primary formatter is executed", then "and" should be replaced with "is"

3) (various man pages)

Related to "index dababase caches", it is possible to find both B<index> and I<index> in the man page files. Normally, B<> means a command or something else that shouldn't be translated. However, the I<index> occurrences made me wonder whether "index" should be translated, or maybe if "I<index>" should be replaced with "B<index>".

4) manpath.man5

There is one occurrence of back-quote without corresponding close apostrophe in the _expression_ " `B<FSSTND> "; I assume the idea was to quote the entire keyword.

Rafael Fontenelle

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